Graduate Distance Education Contacts

Mississippi State University offers the following graduate degrees, majors, concentrations and certificates. Refer to the Graduate School requirements for admission and degree completion and to the specific departmental and/or program listings in the Graduate Catalog for further information. Direct program related and admission criteria questions to the graduate coordinator listed for your major of interest. General application questions, such as how to apply or to check the status of your application, may be directed to

College/Major Department Contact Email Phone/Mail
College of Ag. & Life Sciences      
A-L (FSNHP) Food Sc. Nutr. Health Promotion Dr. Brittney Oliver
Assistant Professor (662) 325-0401
Mail: 9805
M-Z (FSNHP) Food Sc. Nutr. Health Promotion Dr. Barry Hunt
Professor (662) 325-7230
Mail: 9805

College of Arts & Sciences

(OMP,BMP,AMPT,TIG) Geoscience Mary Ann Dean
Academic Coordinator (662) 325-3476
Mail: 9537
GIS Certificate Bill Cooke
Associate Professor (662) 325-9479
Mail: 9537
(TIB) General Biology Dr. Donna Gordon
Professor and Head 662.325.9337
Mail: 9536

College of Business

Cindy Smith
Director, Distance and Exec Edu (662) 325-7281
Mail: 9587
College of Education      
(CCL) Community College Leadership Workforce Education Leadership Dr. James E. Davis
Associate Professor and Head 662.325.0969
Mail: 9698
(MATS) Secondary Education Katrina Miller
Project Coordinator (662) 325-1999
Mail: 9705
(MAT-M) Middle Level Susan Steward
Project Coordinator (662) 325-0527
Mail: 9705
(MATX) Special Education Dr. Bethany McKissick
Assistant Professor (662) 325-8342
Mail: 9705
College of Engineering      
Aerospace Engineering Dr. Mark Janus
Associate Professor (662) 325-2463
Mail: 9546
Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr. James Martin
Professor & Endowed Chair (662) 325-7194
Mail: 9546
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. James Fowler
Prof & Endowed Professorship (662) 325-3640
Mail: 9571
Industrial Engineering Dr. John Usher
Professor and Head (662) 325-7624
Mail: 9542
Master of Engineering and Unclassified

Tamra Swann
Dist Educ Coord, Coll of Eng (662) 325-3786
Mail: 9705
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Keith Walters
Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator (662) 325-8231
College of Forestry Dr. Andy Ezell
Professor and Head FWRC (662) 325-1688
Mail: 9681
Unclassified Grad Kathy Griffin
Program Assistant (662) 325-8095
Mail: 9703
  Pam Sullivan
Manager, Graduate Programs (662) 325-7394
Mail: 9703