Domestic Students

Test Requirements

Please consult the Bulletin of the Graduate School, available on line, for information about requirements (GRE Test and GMAT test) for degrees and specific concentrations.

For test dates contact the MSU Testing Center.
(MSU School Code - 1480)

Social Security Number Disclosure

In the admissions process, the Social Security number is used to match test scores and transcripts and not as a permanent student identifier. A permanent, unique MSU ID number will be issued. MSU will not disclose the Social Security number of an applicant to anyone outside the Mississippi Institution of Higher Learning system except as allowed by law, with permission from the individual, or as approved by MSU legal counsel.

Letter of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation  are required to process your application and must be submitted  electronically.  As part of the on line  application, names and email addresses of each person who will supply a  recommendation need to be provided. Once you submit your application, an email  will automatically be sent to each person identified as a reference and a URL  link will be provided to submit the letter.   You will receive confirmation that the link has been sent to your  references.  For each letter of  recommendation submitted, you will receive an email confirming this action.

To change a reference or provide  updated or corrected information about a reference, please contact the Graduate School at You  must include your full name, application Login ID, and the application  term.  In addition, the name of the  reference and respective change in the email address must be included.  If you are replacing a previous reference,  submit the name of the new reference and respective information as well as the  name of the person that is to be replaced.   No replacements are accepted after a reference has started a letter of  recommendation.