Requirements for New Graduate Assistantship Awards and Processing of Paperwork

Part 1:  Criteria That Must be Met for the Award of Each Graduate Assistantship 

  • Full-time enrollment status
    • Fall or Spring Semester: 9 or more credit hours with a maximum of 13 credit hours
    • Maymester: No more than 3 credit hours
    • Either 5-week Summer Session: 3 or more credit hours with a maximum of 7 credit hours
    • 10-week Summer Session: 6 or more credit hours with a combined maximum total of 13 credit hours for all summer sessions (including Maymester)
    • Enrollment may include 3 undergraduate course credits if prerequisite in fall or spring. 
    • Undergraduate prerequisite cannot be included as part of the minimum credit hours for a specific term
  • Either regular or contingent admission
    • Unclassified graduate students and students admitted in provisional status are not eligible to hold an assistantship
  • Approved stipend rate of at least $600.00 per month
  • An FTE of 50% (20 hours per week) for normal appointments
    • Appointments for 20 hours per week require a minimum salary of $600.00
    • Appointments for  greater than 20 hours require special approval by the Dean of the Graduate School
  • For international students, check J1 or F1 employment restrictions.  International students with a J-1 visa  status must provide a lett er of eligibility from the MSU Office of International Services.

Part 2: If Criteria In Part 1 Are Satisfied The Graduate Assistant Must Complete The Following Forms

These forms may be att ached to the MSU Award Documents when submitted to the Office of the Graduate School or submitted directly to Payroll (Campus Mailstop: 9602).

PART 3: Prepare MSU Award Docments And Obtain Appropriate Signatures When Necessary Then Submit To The Office Of The Graduate School For Processing  

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use nicknames. Name, MSU ID Number, Title and Eff  ecti ve Date must agree on all MSU Award Documents. 

Summer Terms Only

Graduate Assistantship Summer Appointment and Enrollment Verification:…

Summer Appointment Request Form (SARF):•ͳͳ••ͳ••

Additional Forms and Information For New Graduate Assistants

Revised 1/23/2012