Graduate Student Travel Assistance Grants (TAGGS)

The Graduate School offers Travel Assistance Grants for Graduate Students (TAGGS) annually, for each of two travel periods. For these travel periods, there are corresponding time intervals for submission of applications to request funding (see below). The maximum level of funding awarded is $800 per request.

Grants are offered in support of Masters and PhD graduate students who plan to travel to national or international conferences and give a presentation. Awards for travel to regional conferences are rare and require strong justification for consideration. For each graduate student, funding is limited to once per calendar year. No more than two requests will be accepted per department per application period. Including evidence of department financial support increases the probability of funding.

Consideration for the award is contingent on receipt of all of the following:

  1. Online application (requires authentication using Net ID/Password) that includes a brief letter of request that justifies why funding assistance is needed and the significance of the conference
  2. Authorized support of the department head
  3. Documentation of an abstract being accepted by the conference - In the absence of documentation of acceptance of an abstract, a decision to award funds can be made on a contingency basis, i.e. until suitable documentation is provided PRIOR to the conference/meeting. If documentation of presentation is not received, then awarded funds will be revoked.
  4. The original (blue) MSU Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Form or the Concur documentation with appropriate information and signatures
  5. Itemization of expenses
Application Acceptance Interval Travel Period
October 1 - Feb 8 January 1 - June 30
April 1 - September 30 July 1 - December 31

Direct authorization of support by department head through email to (; authorization must be received prior to being considered for the award. Submit documentation of abstract being accepted, itemization of expenses, and MSU Travel Authorization Form to The Graduate School in 617 Allen Hall (Campus Mailstop: 9703).

TAGGS Awards will be reviewed on a monthly basis for the travel period. The completed applications will be reviewed and awarded a month prior to the date of the conference which the graduate student will be attending. TAGGS applications are a first completed, first reviewed. The graduates who have competed in the Graduate Research Symposium or the 3MT Competition within the school year will receive priority consideration.

The decision will be made by the Graduate TAGGS Committee when All required application materials are received. After the review, the graduate student will be informed of the award. Applications for TAGGS will be considered until either application acceptance period expires or the maximum funds available per granting period have been exhausted.

For additional information about the TAGGS program, please contact The Graduate School at 325-7400.

**Fall 2019 application will open April 1, 2019.**