Fees, Expenses, and Financial Aid

Enrollment in Online Education classes is charged by the credit hour regardless of the number of enrollment hours.  Regardless of location, all distance students enrolled in online programs are charged in-state tuition plus distance fees.  Current Tuition and fees are listed under the "Online Education" tab on the Office of the Controller and Treasurer's fee table.

All distance students pay in-state tuition regardless of their location.  Current Tuition and fees are listed under the "Online Education" tab on the Office of the Controller and Treasurer website. In addition to tuition, other distance fees may apply.

University reserves the right, subject to order of the Board of Trustees, to raise, lower, or modify without notice any of the above fees for the current session.

The following fees apply to tutorial students:

A. Definition: A tutorial student is one who does not attend regular classes but is working on a definite course or a problem under the tutorship of a regular University staff member.

B. Fee: A tutorial student will pay the rates identified for part-time students for courses scheduled.

Fees for Courses Audited

A person not registered in the University as a regular student may audit a course by paying the rates identified for part-time students for each credit hour the course carries. The same University policy governing the payment and refund of fees for regular enrollment also applies to students in an audit status.

Laboratory Fees

Additional fees for laboratory usage and supplies may be charged by some departments.

Schedule Change Fees

Any change in class schedules after the last day to register for classes (See the Academic Calendar in the front of this publication for specific dates) will incur a change of schedule fee. The fee is $50.00. The charge is assessed each time an Add/Drop Form is presented to the Registrar's office after the last day to register; the Add/Drop Form is required for adding a course, dropping a course, or changing sections of a course. Schedule change fees are waived in the event of a change required by administrative action of the University. Schedule changes made after initial registration and payment of fees may generate additional charges to students. Such additional charges are subject to the same payment schedules and penalties as the initial charges, and additional charges should be paid promptly to avoid service fees.

Thesis/Dissertation Fees

Copyrighting the thesis/dissertation is optional. The fee is $55.00 (fee is increasing to $75 on March 1st). The Library will provide the student with the necessary processing materials. Each student submitting a thesis or dissertation should seriously consider copyrighting his/her material. Additionally, students may request open access for their document for an additional $95.00. All applicable fees will be assessed to the student's account.

Student Accounts

A financial record for each student is kept in the Account Services Office in Garner Hall. The information is considered confidential; however, the records of students will be available for examination by authorized representatives of the government. To view your billing statement, navigate to the MSU myState web page at https://my.msstate.edu , enter your NetID and NetPassword, select the Banner tab, look under the Personal Information column on the right-hand side, then select VIEW YOUR BILLING STATEMENT.

Application Fee

All applicants, domestic and international, must submit an application fee to The Graduate School at the time application is made. A non-refundable application fee is required for each application submitted. The application fee rate is subject to change at any time. Please check The Graduate School website to verify the fee and application deadlines. 

International Student Charges

All international students are assessed an Administrative Programming fee of $100.00 each fall, spring, and summer term. Sponsored international students whose programs of study are administered through the International Services Office are assessed an additional fee of $200.00 each fall, spring, and summer term. Health insurance for international students will be assessed at the prevailing rate for the fall semester and for the spring/summer semester. Detailed international admissions health requirements are available from the International Services Office's web site.

Sponsored International Student Charges

The International Services Office will administer the programs of study for international students who receive all or most of their financial support in the form of scholarships, grants, or awards from U.S. government agencies, foreign government agencies, private and/or international agencies, or foreign employers, and students whose financial support is administered by foreign embassies and third-party billed by Mississippi State University, assessing a fee of $200 each fall, spring and summer term.