Recruitment and Funding Opportunities

Graduate Recruitment Assistance Grants (GRAG)

Each fall semester the Graduate School puts out an RFP for Graduate Recruitment Assistance Grants (GRAGs). These grants are competitive and intended to assist and enhance the special/specific recruiting needs of a graduate program to attract and enroll graduate students with outstanding academic qualifications.

Part I funds can be requested for activities such as development of print or web-based recruitment materials, interview costs for recruiting outstanding students, participation in recruitment fairs or recruitment activities at professional meetings, etc. This program will not fund university faculty/staff salary or extra pay. Special Consideration will be given to proposals with one or more of the following characteristics, which are not required but encouraged. (1) Proposals that emphasize recruitment activities aimed at diversifying graduate applicant’s race or gender, but may also be defined by the applicant’s undergraduate institution, home state or country, etc. (2) Proposals with activities aimed at increasing participation in accelerated programs (combined Bachelors/Masters programs) and/or non-theses Masters programs. (3) Proposals that detail a unique strategy and/or include provision of matching funds from departmental or college source.

Part II funds are intended for use as supplements to a department’s base graduate award as an incentive to new graduate recruits. These fellowships shall not be used as a replacement for any part of a department’s regular assistantship expenditures. Instead they would be used to increase the department’s normal assistantship in an effort to make assistantship offers more competitive with peer universities.