Margaretta Campbell, GSA Vice President of Meridian Affairs

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Margaretta Campbell found herself desiring to make a difference in both hers and her family’s lives. She was driven to be a role model that pointed others towards a better life and future. Deep down, she also had a personal goal of becoming a member of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. To achieve these goals, she would have to take a huge leap of faith.

In 2020 she began working towards a bachelor’s degree in Applied Technology, but she didn’t stop there. Margaretta is now pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching in Community College Education at the MSU Meridian Campus. After graduating in December with her master’s degree, Margaretta hopes to teach history at a community college and eventually obtain her PhD with the aspiration to become a university dean.

Ms. Campbell’s drive for success extends beyond the classroom. In 2020, she was elected as the Service and Outreach Coordinator for MSU’s Graduate Student Association. The following year, with the formation of a new position, Ms. Campbell was elected as the first Vice President of Meridian Affairs. Through her leadership roles, she has been able to positively impact not only the student body but the comm unity as well.

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Additional information about the Master of Arts in Teaching in Community College Education can be found here! Contact Dr. Stephanie King,, to learn more about this program

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