Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required to process applications and must be submitted electronically. While completing the online application, prospective students must register the names and email addresses of three individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic and professional background. Once an application is submitted, each recommender will receive a URL link with instructions on how to proceed. Each letter must be written in English and, if submitted by a university staff or faculty member, be composed on official university letterhead. Once a letter of recommendation is submitted, the applicant will receive a notification by email.

Helpful Guidelines

  • Contact recommenders prior to the submission of the application.
  • An applicant should select recommenders who have knowledge of the student's potential as a researcher and a scholar.
  • Provide references with the information necessary to write a meaningful letter such as a resume and a statement of goals, motivations and commitment to graduate study.
  • Give references sufficient time to complete letters and provide them with important deadlines.
  • To change a recommender, log into the application, choose "Application Status" and select and change the recommender.