The Graduate School at Mississippi State University requires official transcripts from each admitted student. Unofficial copies may be submitted as preliminary records to expedite the admissions process and should be submitted in PDF form. Although a student may be admitted to Mississippi State University, the student will not be permitted to register for classes until The Graduate School receives and verifies official copies. While not required, international students may also submit evaluations from World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). (Note: MSU Graduate School accepts documents provided directly from WES as official verification. However, if the WES approved document is provided by the student it will remain unofficial.)

A graduate from another institution seeking admission to graduate school at Mississippi State University must provide official transcripts from the college which the applicant is attending or has attended and from which he/she will receive or has received a bachelor’s degree.  Transcripts for all work attempted after the bachelor’s, including undergraduate and graduate, must also be provided.

**All documents sent to The Graduate School are considered Mississippi State University property and will not be returned to the student.

Newly admitted students have several options regarding the process for submitting official transcripts:

  1. Official hard copies sent directly from the institution.
  2. Official hard copies in a sealed envelope delivered via delivery service (UPS, FedEx, etc.).
  3. Official hard copies in a sealed envelope delivered by student.
  4. International students must submit official transcript, including individual mark sheets and diplomas, in the native language (along with translated copies if appropriate).