3MT 2017 Winners

Congratulations to John Buol who was selected the Grand Champion winner of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition November 2017.  John will advance and represent Mississippi State University at the 3 Minute Thesis Competition hosted by the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools in Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 22-25, 2018.

John Buol, PhD, Grand Champion

Department: Plant and Soil Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Dan Reynolds
Caught (infra)red-handed: Detecting Illegal Herbicide Use

Chloe Henson, MS, Grand Champion 2nd Place

Department: Agricultural Economics
Advisor: Dr. Alba Collart
Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for Blemished Fresh Produce and its Implications for Food Waste

Cori Speights, PhD, People’s Choice

Department: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Brandon Barton
Lady Beetles of the Night

DJ Galvez, MS

Department: Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Keith Koenig
Project Noctua: Bio-inspired Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Courtney Hunter, PhD

Department: Clinical Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Cyprianna Swiderski
New Asthma Drugs: Insight from an Equine Asthma Model

Lydia Jordan, MS

Department: Chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Mark Horstemeyer
Magnesium Corrosion and Geometry: An Application to the Automotive Industry

Allison Julien, PhD

Department: Animal Physiology
Advisor: Dr. Carrie Vance
Nosy Nanoparticles

Abdullah Sherif, MS

Department: Geosciences
Advisor: Dr. Qingmin Meng
Land Cover Classification of Mobile Metropolitan Area 1975-2015

Saira Talwar, MS

Department: Kinesiology
Advisor: Dr. Zhujun Pan
Improving Quality of Life of Older Adults with Tai Chi & Bingo